Capture amazing fireworks shots with your iPhone (and Android)

So tonight is the night we here in the U.S. light-up the sky with colors of the rainbow. I know just about everyone reading this will have their camera on them and would like to take some pictures. Night pictures are a pain to get right so maybe a new app (paif or free) is in order to help you out.

The Fourth of July provides an annual chance to test our phone photography skills.

Apple's iPhone and some of the higher-end Android devices, such as the Galaxy S8 and Pixel XL, all capture really good low light photos with ease. It's when bright lights, such as fireworks, streak across an otherwise dark landscape that it becomes difficult to consistently capture the shot.

Don't get frustrated! Keep practicing, and keep the tips listed below in mind as you try to up your firework photography game this year. 

Want to be a pro at the fireworks show tonight? - Click here.

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