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Who doesn't love to bash YouTube videos? I did it once. Thought the guy was going to hunt me down.

I believe all of us have seen the videos of folks setting up dominoes on gym floors and then watching them all fall for like 10 minutes.


OMG! I am SO looking forward to this movie! Baby Groot is goign to steal the show. 

No kdding. Huh...I just use the Find My Car app. No talking required. 

My boss sent me this. Genius!

Took a quick peek. They are really nice.

Just signed up for mine! 

No kidding! I never even knew about the password one!

This is one of those rare movements in my life where I remember EXACTLY where I was when this went down. I will never forget walking out the back of my building and listening. Nothing. No air-planes, no noise, no nothing. I was never so uneasy in my life. 

Huh...I just found this interesting. Fleas on Rats caused it. No kidding. Hate Rats.

Now this might sound stupid but, at the same time, I think I would use it if I had a dog. I don't want to do that at 6:00 in the morning! 

I have been in the tech business for a long-ass time so I have see just about all you can see.

"OH OH OH OH Sweet Twinkie of mine!" Damn dude! 

This might seem like a stupid post but, I actually learned something here.