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Huh...I just found this interesting. Fleas on Rats caused it. No kidding. Hate Rats.

Now this might sound stupid but, at the same time, I think I would use it if I had a dog. I don't want to do that at 6:00 in the morning! 

I have been in the tech business for a long-ass time so I have see just about all you can see.

"OH OH OH OH Sweet Twinkie of mine!" Damn dude! 

This might seem like a stupid post but, I actually learned something here.! I might buy one if it looked like that.

I had not idea you could link your rewards points to Amazon. Actually, I think that might be kind of dangerous.

How did I miss this!

So, why would I put this up? This is the type of incident that after it happens you RUN to the store and by Lottery Tickets! I MEAN RUN!

Really? No...REALLY!

Oh come're going to read it.

Oh man... the Empire is going to be pissed!


Well, like the article says... everyday for me is world toilet day.

DAMN! Guess the ground wanted some cars for breakfast!