Ryan Seacrest Loses to BlackBerry

Who's Ryan Seacrest? Oh! That guy!

Typo Products LLC recently lost after a court hearing found that the company is likely infringing on BlackBerry’s patents.

Typo was co-founded by American Idol host Ryan Seacrest along with marketing executive Laurence Hallier. While pre-orders of the Typo Keyboard have been available since the company’s debut in December, it appears that the product will no longer be able to be sold until the legalities are finalized. Once BlackBerry posts a court ordered bond which will cover Typo’s losses if the verdict is later overturned, the  injunction against the company will go into effect and sales of the keyboard will be banned. Ryan Seacrest, at least for the moment, loses the case to Blackberry.

BlackBerry filed against the Los Angeles based company back in January. The allegation was that the external case being sold for the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5 infringed upon their phone and keyboard designs. An emailed statement was released indicating that Typo will appeal the order as the company is disappointed with the decision. \

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