Boeing, BlackBerry working on a smartphone that would 'self-destruct'

LOADS of people are going to want this phone!

It seems like something out of an old episode of Mission Impossible or Inspector Gadget—an ultra-secure phone that self destructs. But such a phone might be close to reality, courtesy of Boeing and BlackBerry.

According to Reuters (via Recode), Boeing and BlackBerry are currently jointly developing a super-secure smartphone geared toward governments and other groups or individuals who require high security standards. And if someone goes and tampers with the device, it'll render itself inoperable.

We're not talking about something that burns itself or explodes or anything like that, though; instead, Slashgear says that "all data will be erased" from the phone "if the tamper-proof casing is taken apart." So it's not as dramatic as, say, something from spy movies, but it certainly sounds effective.

We don't yet know when this phone will be available, but Reuters says that "Boeing has begun offering the phone to potential customers."


Last modified on Saturday, 20 December 2014 23:28

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