Galaxy Note 5 design flaw: A backwards S-Pen can permanently damage the device don't use the old pen. Got it!

The Galaxy Note 5 has a novel new S-Pen slot design. The Pen inserts flush into the body, and a spring-loaded mechanism ejects it. As Android Police discovered (and we just had to try, too), the new design isn't that robust—gently inserting the S-Pen backwards into the slot can irreparably damage the Note 5.

The right way to dock the S-Pen into the device is to slide the pointy end in first, but if you slide the blunt end in first, the S-Pen will get jammed in the device. The spring mechanism that holds the pen in will clamp down on the wrong end of the S-Pen and won't let go. It is possible to wiggle the pen free from the spring's hold, but when we tried it, the S-Pen detection features stopped working.

Normally on the Note 5, removing the S-Pen when the screen is off will launch a quick note taking app, and removing it when the screen is on will launch the radial S-Pen menu. After putting the S-Pen in backwards and wiggling it out, all of these features stopped working.

We were able to put our S-Pen in backwards again, which made the features work (with the S-Pen jammed into the slot). Eventually we were also able to remove the S-Pen in a state where the features worked again. However, Android Police reports that their S-Pen detection never worked again, even when they tried the reinsertion trick. Apparently once the retention mechanism clamps down on the wrong end of the S-Pen, removing it can permanently break the S-Pen functionality.

Read all about it here!

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