Buy OnePlus 2 Phone without an invite today!

So, here is the deal on this; you only have one hour to get the phone then it reverts back to invite only.

If you have not seen this phone yet, it's basically a Note 4 for 349.00 (16GB) and 399.00 (64 GB). You then OWN the phone!

This is the first time that OnePlus 2 is officially sold without an invite, so, to avoid any issues with the ordering system, the one-hour window will start at noon in every major region. Outside of it, consumers will need to have an invite to snap up a OnePlus 2.

The one-hour window in North America starts at 12 pm PDT today, while in Europe it is at 12:00 CEST. Sales in Asia have already ended at the time of writing this article, having started at 12:00 HKT. India has received special treatment, with Amazon starting sales two and half hours later than in the wider region, at 12:00 pm IST.

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