Santa brought you an iPhone 7? Here's what to do first.

OMG! Santa! You brought me and iPhone 7? OMG! OMG! An iPhone 7? You REALLY brought me and iPhone 7? **scream**...and then I awoke all sweaty, heart racing, palms soaked in sweat and, as soon as I realised it was all a dream, I immediately reached over for my Android, cuddled it, and fell back asleep. I hate nightmares on Christmas.

Despite planning to stick with my iPhone 6s for another year, I ended up upgrading to the iPhone 7, and I’m pleased that I did. If you were lucky enough to get an iPhone 7 for Christmas, or an iPhone 7 Plus for that matter, you’re no doubt going to be as happy with the latest Apple smartphone as I am.

Getting started is straightforward, as once the phone is turned on you’ll be walked through the set up process, how to configure the Touch ID fingerprint scanner, and set up a PIN. Once you've set up the basics, it's time to explore what you can do with your new device. 

If you got one read more here. If you got an Android for XMAS see below!

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