I've been using my iPhone X for nearly a month, and I've decided I hate it

I do not have an iPhone X, but from what I have been reading, I'm glad I don't.

If I had dropped 1K PLUS all new stuff that goes along with a new phone (case, cables, car adapter etc...) and the phone ended up being as bad as some folks are saying well...a "Genious" and I would be having a very loud conversation. Very, VERY happy with my S8. VERY! 

I still remember the feeling of excitement I had peeling back the protective plastic from my shiny new iPhone X. What a gorgeous piece of technology.

That feeling didn’t last.

I’m now nearly a month into using the iPhone X, and I’ve slowly realized I unreservedly dislike the device. In fact, I hate using it.

I could rattle off a list of complaints, like how FaceID is inconsistent, the bright chrome the metal casing is scratch-prone, and the price tag is astronomical. 

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