Announcing the Firefox OS Developer Preview Phone!

I'm truly not sure if this is something we need to or if this is something we should just look at and go "oh cool..." And then go and buy an iPhone.

It seems that everyone and their mother these days is producing an operating system for a phone from Apple, to Samsung, the Firefox, Ubuntu, to android, to the guy down the street who hacked together all of it. Mobile operating systems are now quickly becoming a dime a dozen but I don't think you're going to take out the big boys which are of course Apple and Android. I do believe Samsung doesn't a shot here as simply their market presence is just so huge. That said, I'm just not sure that anybody is really going to want of veer too far away from the norm. As we all know without a backend ecosystem it doesn't matter what your operating system is if you can't get the apps on it no one's going to buy it. 

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