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So, what do you all say? Let's go back to the old school rotary phones and just call it a day.

Ruh Roh. Check and see if your device has been compromised here. I checked mine out. I'm good.

Oh goodie! Is it to early for a beer?

15 Must Have Android Apps: Messaging and More

Kinda digging the "Bacon" app for REDDIT.

Damn... found a couple I had not known about. SWEET! I mean that's how Google does it.

Oh... I have to get this when it hits the Play Store! (It was pulled from the DropBox site due to "excessive traffic".) I bet! 

This FLEW around the office yesterday but by the afternoon it was removed (BOO!)

So here's the sucky part of this, you have to have Lollipop to play. For all us other Android users, well... we have Android. Be happy.