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I have a watch. No update for me... it begins.

Tattoos may stop Apple Watch from working

Uuuuuuhhhhhhh...say what!

Sorry... just awoke from a long winters nap. Did Apple make a watch? Huh...

Apple debuts $17,000 watch!

Uh.... no! 

I'm telling you Apple will have lines for this watch on release day. I don't get it but, hey... when has there NOT been a line for Apple ANYTHING!

Um... yeah... that's a lot of apps.

To bad. My Moto 360 has the Google Health App. Just saying...

Apple Watch release date, price and specs

I have a Moto 360. Love it! LOVE IT! Really not interested in a watch that looks like a 1980 calculator watch. That said, it's Apple. They will sell 5 billion of these watches. My co-worker wants one of these more than he wants a pay raise. He can't stop talking about it!