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Samsung users are already expecting the coming of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 after the tech company promised that it would upgrade buyers of the faulty Note 7 with the upcoming installment. This is already a clear confirmation that the Note 8 will be available in the coming months.

Im so bumbed. My first was a Note 4. Hurry up and show me the 8.

WHAT! You have got to be kidding me. That's ridiclious!

There is no greater evidence of The Future of Computing than the big-screened smartphone. Big phones have become the de facto personal computers for many people, taking the place of countless devices, including laptops and tablets. They’ve become more than just phones in ways that smaller devices haven’t matched — research shows that owners of phablets use their devices a lot more than others.

I am a Note 4 user (and HUGE fan!) and cannot wait for the Note 5. I will have it as soon as I can re-finance my house so I can afford it.

Samsung To Allegedly Acquire AMD

DAMN! This means, if Samsung DOES buy AMD I have a shot at a NOTE 5 with a AMD processor with an AMD graphics sub-system. I think I might cry from happiness.

Damn... nice looking phones! I particularly like the Edge and the curved screen.

A really nice laptop and the ATIV One 7 comes with a curved screen to boot!

Let's see... 200.00? Check
Note 4? - Check