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No kidding! Damn... I need that!

Security researchers have published proof-of-concept code for a major router vulnerability leveraging a popular driver that could be used by hackers to compromise millions of connected devices.

The new Eero router seeks to create small-scale Wi-Fi mesh networks by foregoing the traditional one-router home setup for a base kit of three routers available on pre-order for $309.

I think I heard a SLAP....
Verizon's justification that it should be able to slow down its most active unlimited data customers doesn't fly with Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler.

Yep... I think I might be getting a refund.

T-Mobile's customer-friendly "Uncarrier" schtick seems to be changing people's minds about the country's 4th largest wireless provider, and it's not done fiddling with that formula just yet. The folks in magenta just announced a slew of tweaks to its Simple Choice plans that make them worth yet another look.

Your turn Verizon...
A new AT&T plan will allow wireless customers upgrade their smartphones every year.

This is why you should ONLY connect via a secure socket connection, meaning a connection which shows up as a WPA or WPA2 connection type.

You have got to be kidding me!
No way! This is just crazy!

US subscribers to AT&T's mobile network are getting an extra 61¢ "Mobility Administrative Fee" on their bills beginning in May.