Would you buy an Ubuntu phone that doubled as a desktop PC?

Would I? Probably not but the Open Source folks just might.

The Ubuntu phone/desktop PC combo device

Ubuntu has confirmed that it's working on a combination phone and desktop PC. This new device would let you use it as a phone, and then plug it into a monitor to use as a desktop computer. Is this something that you would buy?

The Ubuntu phone/PC combo device came up in a Reddit thread, and redditors weren't shy about sharing their thoughts about it:

Tidux: "It's Unity 8 on Mir, with Snappy packages. Hardware changes will trigger udev events which will switch the UI mode. We've known this was coming for years now if Canonical could find a hardware partner."

Bradlinder: "...what isn't clear is just how you'll connect the phone to a display, keyboard, mouse, etc... Will it use a docking station? An HDMI cable?"


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