Understanding Shell Commands Easily Using “Explain Shell” Script in Linux

While I am not a huge Linux fan, I do use from time to time and I need some help with the command line.

While working on Linux platform all of us need help on shell commands, at some point of time. Although inbuilt help like man pages, whatis command is helpful, but man pages output are too lengthy and until and unless one has some experience with Linux, it is very difficult to get any help from massive man pages. The output of whatis command is rarely more than one line which is not sufficient for newbies.

There are third-party application like ‘cheat‘, which we have covered here “Commandline Cheat Sheet for Linux Users. Although Cheat is an exceptionally good application which shows help on shell command even when computer is not connected to Internet, it shows help on predefined commands only.

There is a small piece of code written by Jackson which is able to explain shell commands within the bash shell very effectively and guess what the best part is you don’t need to install any third party package. He named the file containing this piece of code as 'explain.sh'.


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