A Linux User's Review Of Microsoft Windows 10

It's always good to read what the Linux folks think of Windows 10 no matter what they decide to say about it. 

Disclaimer: To avoid any sense of potential deception/confusion given that Phoronix is a Linux site, just in case the title is unclear: This is a review of Windows 10 Professional x64 from my perspective, as a user and an administrator who uses Windows and Linux system every day. If you don't care about Windows, stop reading now.

When I first started to talk to Michael about working with him this summer, one of the things we agreed on is that I would do a review of Windows 10. While I vastly prefer Linux as my day-to-day operating system, I do use Windows for gaming, and I also support Windows clients as part of my job at my University.

I can't say that I am die-hard "operating system loyalist", I'm an end user, and an administrator, and I enjoy good software. Closed source, open source, community or corporate-- well written, well designed, intuitive software is something I enjoy no matter where it comes from. Unfortunately for Microsoft... I'm not sure if their most recent operating system is going to fit that bill. 

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