Two Clever Linux Tricks to secure plain text files.

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Everybody nowadays thinks in terms of securing data. For securing data cryptography comes into the picture. Cryptography is nothing but writing down your plain text into secure code format.

Basically, in Linux, there are two methods of cryptography.

1 - Encryption: This method uses plain text as a input & transforms it into some other form using the coding technique “cipher” & this can only be decrypted using a key. Here the key plays major role in converting the plain text into decrypted form “cipher text” & vice versa.

Hence this process is a two way from and to, to and from

2 - Hashing: This method also takes plain text as input however it applies hash to represent binary form of the plain text input. we cannot convert the output into plain text as in case of encryption. Hence its one way process.

Basically, this method helps us to find out the changes done to file once file is “hashed”. I will explain this in demo section.

So Let's move to a more practical way of doing it... 

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