Ubuntu 17.04 - Now Available

Now available for those who want it! 

Let's start with the desktop. For now, Unity 7 remains Ubuntu's default desktop. You can, of course, run it with your choice of other desktops. Canonical officially supports Budgie with Ubuntu Budgie; KDE with Kubuntu; LXDE with Lubuntu; MATE with Ubuntu MATE; and Xfce with Xubuntu.

Unity 8, which was to be Ubuntu's master display, has been retired. You can still run it. It works best with a touch screen. Enjoy it while you can. It will never be Ubuntu's desktop.

Either way, the default Unity 7 or the incompletely realized Unity 8, Ubuntu 17.04 remains an excellent desktop. It comes, as ever, with the latest open-source end-user programs. These include: Firefox 52 for web browsing; Thunderbird 45 for e-mail; LibreOffice 5.3 for an office suite; and Rhythmbox 3.4.1 for music. 

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