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Cause even our Linux friends need some love from time to time. Plus, I wanted to know how to do it myself.

Linux can be owned by holding Enter key

No kdding. I'm going to try that with one of my VM's.

I think some folks will find this enticing. 

The Best Linux Desktop for Work

Sure... why not. Some folks like Linux for their day-to-day work. I happen to not like it but...some folks do. You stay weird Linux Community. 

First Look at Linux Mint 18 Cinnamon

This is a VERY popular Linux distro from what I understand. I've tried it out in a VM. It's...Linux. 

Well now...I might be able to use this. I use Linux like...every...year.

You all knew it was coming! YES YOU DID!

Hey, I'm not a huge Linux or BSD guy but, I have an interest as we do run several Linux and Solaris boxes at work.

Dropbox Alternatives for Linux Users

Hmmm... I might have to look into a couple of these.