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Damn... always hate to hear news like this. I know what it does to those folks.

Would I? Probably not but the Open Source folks just might.

NO KIDDING! I would have used this if it was invented when I had the kids at home. Hell... not that they are grown...I might want to use it anyway!

Hmmm... another cool app for the Windows Phone.

OH MAN! It'' a REAL James Bond Phone! Like for REAL! I must own.

The country's traditional copper wire telephone networks could soon go the way of payphones -- becoming nearly obsolete.

Microsoft has just unveiled Office Remote, a new app that lets users control Word, Excel, and PowerPoint presentations with any Windows Phone 8 device. It's basically SmartGlass for the company's productivity suite, and is a joint effort between Microsoft Research and the Office team. “We want to make sure that we continue to create tools that deliver the best possible experiences to presenters and audiences,” says Darren Edge of Microsoft Research. “The world is constantly evolving, though, and presentations need to evolve with it." 

Well Good Morning All and WELCOME to Monday! 
Today, boys and girls, we have a pretty good scam to go along with your morning coffee!

I want to create a app that shows grocery list!

Well... isn't that special. 
Why did I quit drinking again?