This Weeks Podcast - Apple-Ray Rice-Destiny-Mindcraft-iWatch-Windows 9... and SO much more!

This weeks PC is now LIVE! (No really... it is!)

Title: STS - The Burger Monarch

Staff: Dave Sr.-Dave Jr.-Silent Tod and...Dustin.

Run Time: 2:30!

Podcast - Notes!!

- The boys speak - (general BS)
    - What a week!
    - Ray Rice Video - WOW! Our thoughts.
    - 9/11 this week - our thoughts and prayers.
- POST OF THE WEEK! - Oscar Pistorius not guilty of murder in girlfriend's death! -  

- Game News
    - Destiny OUT! Most pre-ordered IP in history! - Dave and Tod own it and talk about it.
    - MineCraft to be sold to Microsoft for 2.5 BILLION dollars!
- Adrian Peterson - accused of child abuse for using a "switch" on his kids. We discuss. Really child abuse?

- Apple EVENT! (like duh... of course we are going to talk about it.)  
    - iPhone 6 small and "plus"
    - iWatch - looks... big!
- Moto 360: The first round Android Wear smart watch is available today, costs $250 -

- A Little Apple
    - Apple News Building -
    - Apple Stuff...

- Windows 9 some new stuff!
    - Virtual Desktops
    - New IE (complete revamp)
    - New start menu.
- Md. judge who ordered man shocked with Stun-Cuff has been removed from the bench! -

- This weeks joke!

Listen Here -

**Extra - Dustin asks about a new phone - T-Mobile vs. Verizon again! I just continued to record!

Da Boss!

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