This Weeks Podcast - Net Neutrality-Game News-Windows 9-Apple Debacle... and SO much more!

This weeks PC is now LIVE! (No really... it is!) - LINK HAS BEEN FIXED! SORRY!

Title: Net Neutrality-Game News-Windows 9-Apple Debacle... and SO much more!

Staff: Dave Sr.-Dave Jr.-Silent Tod and...Dustin (some **language** so... there it is.)

Run Time: 1:30.

Podcast - Notes!!

- The boys speak - (general BS)
    - What a week!
    - Daves new Microphone -
    - Net Neutrality   
    - NFL - National Felony League. - several others are now either under arrest or are being investigated.
    - I had TWO (LIKE TWO) WD 10K VERY EXPENSIVE hard drives fail! Side-by-Side and WD wanted to send my replacements to El Salvador!
    - Acronis SUCKS! - Did full backups but STILL demanded the 1st backup I took! These were FULL backups! Testing a new backup solution - NOVASTOR!
- POST OF THE WEEK! - The NEW Apple iPhone PLUS BENDS! A feature? -

- Game News
    - New Far Cry 4 trailer is out! You can see it here! -
    - New Borderlands Pre-Sequel is out! You can see that here! -
    - Loot Room in Destiny? - WTH is that all about?
    - STEAM has a new "personal page" when you login to your account. I don't get it.

- Apple issues update 8.0.1 - WOW! Was THAT a hot mess! Disabled finger and cell access. 8.0.2 is now available. (still sitting at 7.x until I can read more on 8.0.2)

- Ruse!! - Please do not try and charge your cell phone in a microwave! It's a JOKE! DON'T DO IT! - -

- Ubiquiti Networks -

- Windows 9 will be shown this week for the first time. YIPPIE!

- Might want to get this for the kid of parents you hate! - Barbie doll says... WHAT! -
- This weeks joke!

!!!Listen Here!!!

Da Boss!

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