Da Podcast - We did one. Cause we wanted to!

Yep! You read right! We did a podcast. 

Dave and I missed doing them and he has graduated from school, and I'm slowing down a little at work and we just decided to do one. K? Cool! 

So, this weeks PC is now LIVE!

Title: Net Neutrality, Cool Short Films, GTA, and the coolest Digital Tattoo you have ever seen!

Staff: Dave Sr.-Dave Jr.

Run Time: Whatever.

Podcast - Notes!!

- The boys speak - (general BS)
- SUNDAYS film have to see! - https://vimeo.com/122325664
- Net Neutrality - we talk about this.
- The Power Ranger Short film (seriously... do not let the kinds watch this!) - https://vimeo.com/120401488

Game News
- GTA for PC
- GTA - Heist Online
- Windows 10 Could Be Best Microsoft OS Ever For PC Gamers

- Apple Watch - Why?

- Windows 10 - Love it.

- Digital Tatoo - Say what!

- This weeks joke!

!!!Listen Here!!!

Da Boss!

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