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Da LOST PODCAST - Father's Day - 2014.

Well, this is one of those podcast's that was lost to the Summer. We recorded it and then.. well, I got sick (ongoing issues I have had...) and then I just forgot about it and was reminded of it when we did last weeks Podcast (which will also be making a debut today...) so I found the recording ya go!

Well, we are back!
I think you all know by now I have been down and out and just could not get to the podcasts over the weekend. I was either in bed, trying to recover from the week I had, or was I trying to buy a car I was not scared of driving.

This weeks PC is now LIVE! (No really... it is!)
Title: STS -  Daves Tech Corner - Flight 370 - Google Glass - Office 365 Personal - A Poem!

So this week it's just Tod and I which is just fine. It can get a bit noisy in here from time to time and it's just nice to have a conversation with a good friend every once in a while.

**language**language**language** - We lit it up pretty good in the beginning but we calmed down.

Well, we're back...
After Internet Issues, crashed systems, and being sick as a dog, here is the first PC of... Feb? Damn...

ManCast-Tech Podcast - CNET has issues.

**language**language**language** - not a ton... but some...