01 Jan 2013

This week we are back after a week break with a MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT!

'The Dustin' Kerfluffle will be available - Dec 2012!

**language**language**language** - not a ton... but some...

Site News
- Plug-in update from the site! We now know what happened!

Dragon Speak 12 puts a plug-in into ALL MY browsers. I have eliminated the plug-ins so hopefully the plug-in issue will be resolved!

Here is the code in case you wanted to see the 'offender'

<div nuan_tabactive="true" id="nuan_ria_plugin">
<object type="application/x-dgnria" id="plugin0" height="0" width="0">
<param value="ff-tab-0" name="tabId" />
<param value="258" name="counter" />

- Site update. - Put off - will happen over the holiday's.

01 Jan 2013

Title: Tablets for Everyone (no you, my crew. I had to say thank you (plus I wanted them to agree with me that the Amazon tablet is one kick-ass little monster!)

**language**language**language** - not a ton... but some...

Site News
- Mores site work and optimization.
- Matt is the boss
- People work for Matt all over the world including Canada.

Security News
- Um... update your JAVA.

- CRITICAL - Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer (2744842) - http://goo.gl/bEFJf

31 Dec 2012

Did you see that Mo-Fo just step out onto that platform like he was about to get out and pump some gas. HOLY CRAP what that astonishing!

Oh, and before I forget there will be no Podcast next week as I will be driving my ass across this amazing country of ours!

Ok, so... without further adieu....here a go Mo-Fo!

Show Title: 'Some crazy dude jumps from a capsule which just happens to be at the edge of space. We decided to cover it live!'

**language**language**language** - not a ton... but some...

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