06 Sep 2014

Welp, we came back for an end of the summer Podcast. It has been nuts this summer and it was just SO hard to get all of us together but, we manged to last week.

This weeks PC is now LIVE! (No really... it is!)

P.S. The link to listen has been fixed. Sorry about that. The tool I use to upload the PC and create the link obviously has some issues.

27 Apr 2014

This weeks PC is now LIVE! (No really... it is!)

We have done some EPIC podcasts in the past but this one... this one ranks as one of our best!

Dustin was on fire! His T-Mobile...epiphany... was just to funny to even try and describe here!

Silent Tod got a new phone (T-Mobile - Note 3!) and he SPEAKS about it! I also give a little sound tip for you Samsung folks which can enhance your sound.

I just tell stories and laugh my ass off!

Truly, a podcast for the ages!

As usual, language... so.. whatever.

20 Apr 2014

Well, we are back!

I think you all know by now I have been down and out and just could not get to the podcasts over the weekend. I was either in bed, trying to recover from the week I had, or was I trying to buy a car I was not scared of driving.

This week also marks the return of Dustin. Yes, he has been gone for a while but it was a for a good cause as he had school (college) over the weekend's and I always tell my kids education over podcasts!

So we had a full house this week and as usual we tailed off into all kinds of areas but we did manage to get some tech mixed into the conversation.

As usual, I do NOT recommend this podcast for the little ones. We use course langauge from time to time so... there.


This weeks PC is now LIVE! (No really... it is!)

Title: STS -  Podcast - Back in the Saddle! - Microsoft AV - Dustin Returns! - Is social networking dead? - Game of Thrones - Goat Simulator - Win8 Update! - and SO much more!

Run Time: 1h:30m

Podcast - Notes!!

- The boys speak - (general BS)
    - How was everyone's week?
    - The Mustang is no more. My Illness claims my baby... but... I am a Mustang Guy and I have to have one... just not one with a clutch! - MY NEW BABY is a Mustang 2014 model.  
    - Use my T-Mobile Jump Program! - SO EASY! - New Note 3 on the way! - http://www.gsmarena.com/samsung_galaxy_note_3-5665.php
    - Dustin is back for a while on the PC. He does the school thing from time to time.
- Is social networking dead? - We discuss!

- Why You Should Replace Microsoft Security Essentials With A Proper Antivirus - http://bit.ly/QoS1Mm

- Game of Thrones Returns to Grown-Ass Dragons and a Broken World - Did Bog "D" watch it? Was it good?
    - We also watch:
        - House of Cards
        - Sherlock
        - Warehouse 13
        - The Wire
- Goat Simulator - OMG! - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4MGAWx1nm48

- Windows 8.1 update is OUT! - Very nice they brought back the Desktop stuff! - I installed it... I have it.. it be REALLY GOOD!

- Facebook Buys Oculus - WTF is that all about? We talk about it!


- Microsoft ENDS WIN XP and Office 2003 Support!

- Preview: Confronting Nazi horror in Wolfenstein: The New Order - http://bit.ly/1gKX7Jp
Joke - http://www.windows8central.com/index.php/en/humor/item/4572-the-cutest-easter-joke-you-will-read-this-year

Listen Here - http://chilp.it/0e5e61



17 Mar 2014

This weeks PC is now LIVE! (No really... it is!)

Title: STS -  Office 2003 DONE!, Win 8.1, N.J. Teen, Cortana, Spot the Sniper, Ballmer BLOWS!!

Run Time: 1 Hour.

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