19 Oct 2013

Last weeks PC is now LIVE!

Well this does happen. As you all know by now I have been SO busy I simply have not had the time to put up even last weeks podcast!

WOW... I El-Sucko!

Anyhow... here is last weeks podcast cast with this weeks Podcast to follow.


Title: Daves Tech Corner, Nighthawk AC1900, XBOX One Less Powerful then the PS?, MS Surface 2.

Run Time: 1:50+

06 Oct 2013

This weeks PC is now LIVE!

Well... I blew it! Not the podcast but the interview.

04 Oct 2013

Hello All,

Man... what a week! 15 virtual Exchange servers are now in place, regionally balanced (for logins) across North America! I am exhausted (and you all thought I was just out screwing around!).

Well, this is not about my epic achievement! This post is about Marcel and his friends from ESET (NOD 32) coming on the podcast tomorrow to speak about what I have always considered a necessary 'evil' and that's having (what I consider) the best anti-virus (I and just about everyone on the site has used it for years) NOD 32 (or ESET as the company is called) and that's NOD32 or as it's called now... ESET Smart Security!

29 Sep 2013


Well, this week I have been SO busy and it has continued into today. Unfortunately this means I simply did not have the time to get a Podcast out this week.

We will be back next week with a VERY special podcast! Marcel 'The Tea Man', has corralled a couple of the ESET folks (NOD32 for all you old schools out there...) so expect MORE than a full house next week!

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