24 Aug 2013

Well, we were down a man down this week as David Jr. seems to have caught a hell of a cold so he cold not participate.

So, Silent Tod and I decided to carry on without him and I have to admit it was nice to just talk with one of my best friends for a while.

The PC opens with Tod and I 'talking tech'. Real world stuff we had to deal with this past week and a few references to the past.

We then get into the heart of the PC and pretty much follow the notes we have below, interjecting some stories and other topics into the PC.

We go for about 1:30.

18 Aug 2013

This weeks PC is now LIVE!

Well, this is a bit embarrasing. I had to post the podcast a bit late as right in the MIDDLE of this weeks podcast,...I spilled coffee all over my keyboard and had to try and dry it out. Then I had to run to Best Buy and pickup a new, backup keyboard, so I could type up the rest of the show notes!

As one would have to expect, this caused some issues with the podcast as I had to run the rest of the podcast with my mouse. It made it very hard to read the show notes as we were doing the PC as my keyboard was, randomly, typing letters into the show notes. You just have to listen to all of us having to deal with me and my coffee keyboard incident! It was pretty funny as the guys had a terrific laugh at my expense.

We also covered a wide range of topics (as you can see below) and, again, had a terrific time doing the podcast. We even get into a little politics this week as Mr. Snowden is discussed. Dave Jr. has a few things to day about it as do I.

We hope you enjoy this weeks podcast! It's pretty good, if I do say so myself.

Time: just under 2 hours (so you might want to split the PC into a couple of listening sessions.


11 Aug 2013

This weeks PC is now LIVE!

We ran a little long as I went of on my new Pebble Watch and Dave and Tod were like... 'Jesus dude...enough!' I love this watch and the tech it brings! I have been 'in the queue' for this watch for over 4 months and I simply love the simplicity, yet tech, it brings to my world. No more having to pull my phone out to read a text or email. My watch connects over blue tooth and does that for me!

Anyway, also included in this episode is Dave Jr's fist install of Windows 8. He got some new parts for this B-Day and is now running Windows 8 so, we get his thoughts on that also.

I also tell Tod what I look for when buying a new Laptop. If you are in the market for a new laptop you might want to listen to how I shop for a laptop!


03 Aug 2013

Podcast - Notes!!

So, this week was another classic! Dave Jr's headphones were having all kinds of issues and...well... as you can see from the pictures below he...'dealt with them!'

Check out the this weeks podcast below (click the READ MORE button...)

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