21 Jul 2013

So, this week we just had a blast!

During the podcast we mentioned the Steam Game Sale again and got a bit off-track.

I was looking at all the games they had for sale and happened to mention, and then read, the entire description of the Euro Truck Simulator 2. Dave Jr. likes it SO MUCH he purchases the game (31:18 into the PC) and starts to play it at 51:00 minutes into the PC and..well...we all lose it.

This was one funny podcast after that. We could not stop laughing and had a terrific time listing to Dave, and then Silent Tod, play the game.

We do get to all the topics below in-between the laughing and Dave Jr. driving his truck thru fields, missing off-ramps, etc... it was hilarious!

Check it out. We do run a bit log at about an hour an forty minutes but this PC was really good.

Show Notes:

Podcast - Notes!!

17 Jul 2013

We were off for the 4th of July weekend and I have to admit we needed the little break. I was winding down the job hunt and was about to make a decision (which I speak about in the podcast) and Dave Jr. found it FASCINATING (NOT!).

LOL... it was funny...

Anyway, we are back! Please enjoy!

Oh, and a little language this week. We are trying to get better at that.

29 Jun 2013

So... this week’s Podcast or STS as we like to call it around here is now available for your listening pleasure. 

This week’s cast: 

David Jr. (my son)
Marcel from Slovakia (no, really from Slovakia) 
Silent Tod who was not so silent this week. ST was on FIRE! 
and... of course... me. 

As always, I caution you all about possible language in the PC. Not for the youngins! 

Please enjoy this week’s episode. 

(click the READ MORE button just below to see the notes. 

25 Jun 2013

Well now... we DID do a Podcast this past weekend and I am missed my news PC as I have stated in this mornings Babble just how busy I have been with Interviews, emails, etc... surrounding finding my new job.

So, as I sit here at 3:00 in the morning researching for my interviews tomorrow (getting to know the companies I will be interviewing better) I thought I would take a break and get this past weekends podcast up as our dear friend from across the pond (Marcel) has been asking me where it is.

I can say this one turned out pretty funny. Myself, Dave Jr., and Silent Tod were all on the PC and had a great time.

Here are the show notes just in case you are interested:

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