15 Jun 2013

So this week it's just Tod and I which is just fine. It can get a bit noisy in here from time to time and it's just nice to have a conversation with a good friend every once in a while.

Hell, who knows. Maybe this will the renamed to the Tod and Dave Show!

Here are the notes from this weeks Podcast:

15 Jun 2013

Hello everyone,

So I'm starting a new Podcast\NewsCast here on the site which will be produced once a week I'm to go over the week's top news and sort of give my opinion on it and see if you guys agree with me or not and I'm hoping that you will utilize the comments section below and let me know your opinions on the topics discussed.

25 May 2013

Up Front...

First off, I know I promised Dustin but he was unable to make the podcast as his dog had surgery on Thursday and somehow got his 'cone of protection' off and bit off his sutures which caused all kids of issues which required another surgery to fix. I truly believe that takes precedent over a PC. Oh, and just so you know the surgery was successful and his dog is doing fine!

I also want to preference this podcast with the following statement:

We are NOT here to bash MS. I think the rest of the world has done a pretty good job of it already when it comes to the XBOX ONE. MS has been bashed to a point where they have now disallowed ANY comments on their YouTube channel due to all the negative comments! No joke.

That said, we ALL (David, Silent Tod, and I) were underwhelmed with the announcement this past week but I am not going to lose any sleep over it. It's a gaming (well...now a DVR) console, not a failed cure for cancer!

xbox sex game over

This podcast does cover the below and we do speak our minds but towards the end I offer how I would have done the reveal and I believe my way would have made this launch MUCH more palatable to everyone. Why can I offer my opinion? 20 years in this business from starting at the help desk, to a manager of 53 techs for Hewlett Packard, to start-ups (one I help get sold to IBM as I was the VP of Technology at the time), to now being an engineer working on mainframe technologies.

Along my journey I had to spend a LOT of time with marketing folks (years...) and I understand how too not only place the product but place it with the right people up front and then bring in the potential clients who can expand the base of the product. MS's reveal, in my honest opinion, should get someone fired. No joke. They managed to piss off the folks who would stand in line, at midnight, to buy the product and have OPEN WALLETS! Why would you do this? You cannot take a GAMING unit and make it, for all intents and purposes, it into a DVR and showcase THAT tech over the gaming tech! Just ridiculous!

Anyway... getting a bit ahead of myself here. Click the READ MORE Button to see the notes and Listen...

21 May 2013

Podcast.. yeah, we're back.

I was not going to bring the PC. As I state in the opening, I was going to just do a 30 minute news cast of sorts and just go from there but the guys wanted to bring it back and I agreed.

We will record the podcast once a week with the 4th week off. I have been very much under the weather with my... disease, for lack of a better term, and my Doc's have really kicked up the tests and diagnoses addressing some stuff I been having a lot of problems with these past weeks.

So... enough about me.

You can check out the PC below!

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