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And on the heels of "WannaCry" comes this little jewel. Remember, all my fellow IT folks, it's been PROVEN beer is better than Tylenol for pain relief.

Huh....well, if you happen to be one of the MANY who got hit by this... what do you have to lose? 

Well, that was fast! Look, folks, you need to patch and patch now. This is a "no joke" ransomware.

Microsoft has done something VERY unusual! With the WannaCrypt Ransomware affecting (so far) 75% of the countries in the world, MS has issued a patch against this bugger for the entire MS OS ecosystem going all the way back to Server 2003!

Ummm....what! I have an HP system! 

Time to patch!

Is it me or does it sound like every computer on the planet is infected? Lordy!

Oh my lord this is a bad one!

Not to worry...that Mighty Microsoft has already taken care of the hacks and delivered fixes to all those who actually patch.

To be honest, I am a bit upset about this. I might be one of the very few who actually read them.

Seems a lot of IT Professionals are quite upset with Microsoft doing away with not only individual patches but also the individual security fixes which used to be published on TechNet.

Dammit! I just finished updating all my templates with the March ones! Ugh... well...better get going. 

This was one was discovered Friday by the folks over at McAfee. It does not rely on Macros to execute (that's some damn fine engineering). The bug affects all supported versions of Microsoft Word but will be fixed this week. We'll see.

I love these articles. I always like to know what other folks think are the best "free" AV's.

A friend of mine got hit with this yesterday.