Microsoft security tool falling significantly behind the curve

Yeah, I think they need to pay more attention to the malware part when it comes to their security tools.

German test lab AV Test has performed a comparison of business-class security solutions. The test focused on Windows 7 due to its ubiquity, and pitted 30,000 known samples of malware against enterprise endpoint security products used in businesses.

The conclusion is that while most tools had a detection rate of 100% or slightly below that, Microsoft's Security Essentials tool scored horrendous with a detection rate of only 73 percent on real-world testing and 87 percent on the real-time test. The poor detection rate of Microsoft's Defender/MSE security products is not new but these tools are popular as they're available for free.

On one hand a poorly performing anti-virus solution that is installed by default is definitely better than no protection at all, but on the other hand it provides a false sense of security as so many pieces of malware slip through. 

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