Hackers are attacking US gas stations

Damn...hope they don't hack the one I use.

After a gas station monitoring system was hacked earlier this year, Trend Micro researchers Kyle Wilhoit and Stephen Hilt decided to take a closer look. They set up fake internet-connected systems called "GasPots" -- honeypots that mimic the real ones -- in several countries to track hackers' movements. Turns out gas monitors are never safe: the researchers observed a number of attacks on their GasPots within a period of six months, with US-based ones being the most targeted. Some instances were clearly for reconnaissance purposes as they were merely automated scanners pinging the monitors. Others were more intrusive, with the hackers changing GasPot names to something else. Once, they changed it to "SEAcannngo," presumably to represent the Syrian Electronic Army, which denied any involvement to Motherboard.

In another instance, hackers named a GasPot "H4CK3D by IDC-TEAM," the same message Iranian Dark Coders Team members use when they crack websites. To note, when the real gas station was hacked in February, its name was also switched from "DIESEL" to "WE_ARE_LEGION," which is commonly associated with hacker collective Anonymous. One GasPot in DC also suffered a DDoS attack for two days.


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