How to stop hackers from stealing your information on public Wi-Fi

A pretty good article on how to keep yourself safe if you have to use a public wi-fi (like at the airport, etc...)

You enjoy “free internet” through Wi-Fi hotspots libraries, coffee shops, at bars, and other public places. It seems harmless. Little do you know, a stranger could know your birthplace, the schools you attended, and your recent search history in 20 minutes.

Just a couple of years ago, strangers could login as you on Facebook if you were on the same Wi-Fi network as them. They’d be able to view and send messages from your account, and even post statuses.

You don’t have to swear off public Wi-Fi for the rest of your life, and it’s not entirely the venue’s fault. Instead, let’s figure out why public Wi-Fi is so attractive to hackers and explore how they steal your information. We’ll share a simple solution that protects you from the vast majority of hackers’ strategies and tactics. 

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