Major tech companies don't care much about your privacy

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Sixteen of the biggest tech companies out there, eight internet firms and eight telecoms, were analyzed in terms of how much they allow their users to express themselves, and how much they protect their users’ privacy.

None passed the analysis with flying colors.

The study, first of its kind from a new outfit, is titled 2015 Ranking Digital Rights Corporate Accountability Index, and assesses the companies on 31 points and judges in terms of modern day privacy conventions. The points include questions on whether firms have an overseer for privacy practices.

Google came out on top, scoring 65 percent. Just six companies scored at least 50 percent, and the worst performers were Russian mail provider and UAE-based service provider Etisalat.

Over half the companies scored under 25 percent, showing a "serious deficit of respect for users’ freedom of expression and privacy".

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