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Another Ransomware Surprise And This One Is A Beast

Oh lordy! This one is NASTY!

As if we all didn’t have a ton of real work to do, I just got a heads up note from Varonis that there is a nasty new Ransomware virus running around called Zcrypt and, if you catch it, it will cost you $542 to get your files back. This little puppy is particularly tenacious as it copies itself onto any connected storage device or service. That is network shares and USB drives. So if another person uses that drive or that network share they get this nasty virus which behaves like a worm and they are out $542 per PC.

For folks running Varonis’ solution there are a few easy steps to at least contain this thing and locate the sources so they can be eliminated and accounts locked preventing the spread of the damned thing. 

Read all about it. DAMN!

Da Boss!

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