Windows 'DoubleAgent' Attack Turns AV Tools into Malware

Oh man... more good news.

Several antivirus vendors today downplayed a dramatic report warning of a zero-day exploit for compromising AV tools and turning them against the very systems they are designed to protect.

The attack, dubbed DoubleAgent, takes advantage of a legitimate Windows tool called Microsoft Application Verifier and works against AV products from numerous vendors including Symantec, Trend Micro, Kaspersky Lab, ESET, and others, security vendor Cybellum said in an alert this week.

The exploit gives attackers a way to turn an antivirus product from any of these vendors into malware for snooping on users, stealing data from their systems, and for moving laterally across the network and sabotaging the system, Cybellum said. Most importantly, since the malware would masquerade as an AV product, it would also give attackers a way to maintain persistence on a compromised system for as long as they wanted. 

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