Passwordless RDP Session Hijacking Feature All Windows versions

Um... so easy I did it in about 15 minutes in my lab setup at home. HOLY S****!

Attack Vector Details:

- A privileged user, which can gain command execution with NT AUTHORITY/SYSTEM rights can hijack any currently logged in user's session, without any knowledge about his credentials.

- Terminal Services session can be either in connected or disconnected state.

This is high risk vulnerability which allows any local admin to hijack a session and get access to:
1. Domain admin session.
2. Any unsaved documents, that hijacked user works on.
3. Any other systems/applications in which hijacked user previously logged in (May include another Remote Desktop sessions, Network Share mappings, applications which require another credentials, E-mail etc.)

This was a translated article so some of the wording is a bit off but most of it is more than readable. - Check out the article here.

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