Best free antivirus software 2017

I love these articles. I always like to know what other folks think are the best "free" AV's.

This time, however, I happened to agree with them. Not necessarily in the order but with what was selected. 

Personally, I use Free AVG and Malwarebytes Premium. AVG has not caught a damn thing. Malwarebytes has caught at least 30 different "bad things" and quarantined them for me. 

Cyber Security isn't getting any less scary. Threats are increasingly on the rise, and with new types of malicious software perpetually being uncovered by security experts, it's never been so easy to fall victim to cyber criminals.

Sometimes, it's easy to spot if your machine has been infected. You might have noticed your PC is running slower than usual, or it's doing unusual things such as displaying annoying pop-ups when you're not even browsing the web. However, most of the time, malware goes undetected. And with there being so many types of malware lurking around, such as spyware, adware, viruses, trojans and worms, knowing which you have and how to get rid of it can be a pain in the hard drive.

With that, here's our pick of the top free anti-virus programs you can download to not only rid your machine of malware, but keep you notified when an attempt to compromise your machine has been detected. 

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