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Hacker scenario: passwords the weakest link

I know, I know...I have talked about this A LOT but, this is something everyone needs to be reminded of from time to time.

Damn hackers. How can they do this and not share the bounty?

Hackers are attacking US gas stations

Damn...hope they don't hack the one I use.

Here's the thing... I get where the douchbags at Starbucks are coming from but this guy just might have saved the company like MILLIONS of dollars.

I went to burning man WAY back in the day. Still recovering...

Impressive! The hackers intercepted a CD mid-mail, infected it, and then sent it on its way. When the recipient put the CD in and played it... POW! Infected!

Bitchen... I have Anthem. Just bitchen.

I truly didn't notice. My wife did. I did not. there like a application or something or does the NSAjust show up and offer you a job?