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I travel a bit (not as much as I use to but I still do) and I tell ya, I have run into this issue more than once. Nice to know someone finally found a solution. If you travel for business, or even pleasure, you might want to remember this especially for those Hotel wi-fi's.

Huh...guess I'm glad I'm still running Windows 7 on my Work Laptop.

A pretty good article on how to keep yourself safe if you have to use a public wi-fi (like at the airport, etc...)

Yeah... I am not in the habit of using the planes Wi-Fi. I just read or watch movies.

This is one of those things we've been looking for since the invention of the plug. Now that we have at least one device on the market, the galaxy six from Samsung, who uses the wireless charging capability I'm assuming that the likes of Apple and just about every major phone company out there start to produce a similar technology for their phones.I'm just wondering if the current Sansung 6 wireless charger would work on my Note four. That would be very cool!

Wi-Fi Woes Continue To Plague Infosec

Damn... Apple's having a bad-ass week!

I love (and I mean LOVE) my home wi-fi.

Let's I have an Android phone? Why yes... yes I do. Do I have Android 5.1? NO! NO I DON'T! WTH T-Mobile!

Hmmm.... I've not had to much of an issue. I have some issues with the 5G channel but not to many.