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Huh....looks cool. Guess we'll see.

Hmmmm...some of these are worth reading before you upgrade. Could save you a BIG Headache.

So... all is well now? Looks like it.

Folks, this is one of those updates you need to do as it has huge benefits across hardware, SSD, virtual machines, and security.

No kidding... wonder how I am going to update Windows Update if MS is makeing changes to Windows Update?

Sounds like you will have to apply this update manually as it is not (as of yet...) part of... well... Windows Update!

MS needs to do this. As the world has moved to a much faster pace, MS does not want to get left behind. 

Microsoft released 12 patch bulletins Tuesday, which deliver fixes for Internet Explorer and Windows Server. Plus, the company released a patch for yet another vulnerability from Oracle's Outside In library.

Come and get it!