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Change Your Passwords. Now.

Not Good...
A massive memory leak from web services and security company Cloudflare may have exposed user data for thousands of sites using the service. In other words: it’s time to change your passwords.

Silent Tod ran into this situation. Thought I would share what we are trying.

Well... at least we went with numbers. 

Really? Cool! So... Google... fellow BRO's of Tech... can you tell me the password to my neighbors router? It's SSID is ChocRocket (I kid you not!)

You would think they would have better things to do. Guess not...

Best Password Managers: Top 4 Reviewed

Okay... so... I have to add my opinion here.

Memorable Password (humor)

This is pretty funny...
A lady helps her husband install a new computer.

I had no idea this even existed but I guess some people did.

Ya know... I always wondered why I could not have a 20 digit password. Now I have eductated myslef and I feel I need a treat.