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This is one clever piece of Malware. If it's in China it will be worldwide in about a week. Be aware of this especially if you use your phone for banking. I do, from time to time, so this is going to be in the back of my head.

Um... so easy I did it in about 15 minutes in my lab setup at home. HOLY S****!

Time to update folks.

Oh man... more good news.

If you build it, the Hackers will come. That's just a fact folks.

Not Good...
A massive memory leak from web services and security company Cloudflare may have exposed user data for thousands of sites using the service. In other words: it’s time to change your passwords.

Glad I read this.

I like to put these articles up, from time to time, to remind everyone that just because someone says they are from Tech Support doesn't mean they really are.

Well now, time to get "my learn" on. I love stuff like this. Digging deep into the underbelly of the beast known as Microsoft.

This is one of those attacks anyone can miss. I suggest if you use GMAIL you keep an eye out for this and be REALLY careful with any attachments you open. 

Uh-Oh. This is not going to make people happy.

Careful folks....careful.

WOW! Now that's a LOT of patches!

I believe we all know Windows 10 LOVES (and I mean LOVES) to, how shall I say this...ah...."keep you informed and protected!"