Reconfiguring Windows Server Startup

As the article states, as more and more of the world is going to virtualized environments getting the start-up sequence correct is VERY important.

As organizations move to virtualize their servers, it becomes especially important to make sure that the servers are running efficiently, so that they do not consume any more resources than are necessary. It usually isn't all that difficult to configure a new server to run an optimal configuration, however the same may not hold true for aging servers. Often times the servers that have been around the longest carry lots of baggage from previous operating systems and application versions.

If you have these types of servers in your own environment, it may be a good idea to take a look at exactly what executables the servers are running upon startup. By doing so, you can unload any unnecessary components thereby conserving system resources.

There are a number of different mechanisms that can launch an executable at system startup. For example, an executable might be launched by the registry's Run key or it could be run as a system service. Since there are so many different ways that executables can be launched at system startup, Microsoft has created a utility to help you to analyze and modify the Windows startup sequence.

This utility is called the System Configuration Utility. You can launch this utility by entering the MSCONFIG command at the Windows Run prompt.

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