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This is one of those tools where I know more than one of you will use.

Oh goodie! **rub head... quick swig of "Jack" from the right hand desk drawer."

"Well... you see... there was this squirrel... and he was looking for a nut... and as soon as he would get the nut, it would slip out of his hand and into yet another exchange server. We could have fixed it right there with a well placed sniper shot (I had my new XBOX PC controller plugged in...) but we were all so mesmerized watching this squirrel chase this nut we simply could not move.

Microsoft won't ship new releases of Exchange Server or SharePoint Server until sometime next year, the company indicated today.

Straight-up cool stuff!
Microsoft announced improvements to its Exchange Online Protection service this week.

Hmmmm.... might be something to keep in the old bookmarks! 

It does require a free account to download, but SO worth it.

Damn... this new version has a TON of new features including a simplier configuration interface! 

A: Once Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) policies are applied to a machine, they remain even after the mailboxes that required the policies are removed. This is because you could have multiple mailboxes that required the policies. The good news is the policies can be reset using the following actions: