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Huh...better look at my boxes.

Yeah, I noticed that myself.

Come and get it!
Microsoft today indicated that it has rereleased Update Rollup 8 for Exchange Server 2010 Service Pack 3, correcting a flaw.

Just in case you missed my previous post about this, REDMOND MAG has a really good writeup about what happened and what you need to do if you need to deploy CU6 (Hybrid environments are advised NOT to deploy CU6!! PERIOD!)

Make SURE you read the links I have at the bottom of this post PRIOR to installing CU6!

Well now... looks like some IT folks will be drinking at lunch today.

I am RIGHT SMACK in the middle of studying for my Exchange 2013 exams (summer, news is slow... time to get a couple of new certs....) and one of the topics was using the ESEUTIL.

CU 5 is the latest update from the World Famous Microsoft Exchange Group.

This is why you test... test... and then test some more!

Well folks, this is an updated Calc for those who are looking at replacing their mail system with the superior Exchange or just need to know what else is needed to support the mighty Exchange environment.