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Windows Update PowerShell Module

This is for those with PowerShell knowledge and knows how to use PowerShell. You need to be able to load and execute the modules and know what the PowerShell module does. Particularly useful for computers running core edition. 

This is a Powershell script some of you might like to have.

Did you all know today is PowerShell appreciation day? Yep! All PowerShell users are required (by law I believe) to write the PowerShell Team a nice note letting them know they have made ALL the Windows Admins lives easier yet SO much more complicated.

Dear Powershell Nuts...this one is for you.

Holy Cow! This is some cool code folks and one I KNOW the Admi's and PS folks would love to have in the old Power Shell Kit.

Well, nice to know it's been fixed.

So, we had an issue yesterday with a server randomly making CAB files in the C:\Windows\Temp directory. It was making something like 1.4 GB of CAB's every 4-6 hours.

One of the areas ALL admins and engineers have issues with is the copying of large files across the enterprise. YES YOU DO! Don't lie about, you really do! I know cause we do. But, with this very helpful article we can all get a little closer to going home on-time.

No kidding... that's pretty cool!

This is a very good article on what you need to have installed from a PowerShell perspective and then how to connect.

Pretty damn cool!
This module replaces the command line editing experience in PowerShell.exe. It provides: