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At first I thought this was a story about an IBM Mainframe. Alas, is is not. This is a story about a Stratus server that was booted in 1993 and has never been rebooted. EVER! DAMN!

Well, if at first you do not succeed... try DELL! 

Man... have I had to figure this out more than once!

Reconfiguring Windows Server Startup

As the article states, as more and more of the world is going to virtualized environments getting the start-up sequence correct is VERY important.

HP iLO Mobile

For all the Admins in the house with HP servers this is a must have.

Digital Home Server (free)

We've been following this for a while now and you all seem to like it a lot.

The State of Windows Server Security

Windows Server 2012 is arguably on of THE BEST OS's ever produced when it comes to server software. You have to get past the lack of a Start Button again, but the main GUI MS has provided right out of the box works very well.

If you are in the market for a HIGH-END server storage unit (and really... who's not these days...) NewEgg just built one, showing all the parts you need and how it looks when you are finished building it.