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Keyboard Shortcuts in Windows Server 2012

Um...sure...why not.

Um... guys... you might have to patch.

Work Folders for Windows 7!


Well now... this is new!
Microsoft this week warned Windows Server 2012 users against uninstalling older .NET Framework versions.

I know, I know... not the sexiest of topics but if you admin a Windows 2012 Server system of any kind you HAVE to understand IP management.

With security being on every Admins list these days, this is just another way you can help your company secure what is rightfully yours!

With MS's recent announcement of its shuffling of the MS Forefront line, this setup might become even more important for some of you.

Just in case you were wondering...

I am, possibly  looking at an Exchange Admin job and I have been playing around with multiple exchange servers (Edge transport, SMTP frontend, exchange 2010 mixed with Exchange 2012) and I came across this article and thought some of you might be looking at doing this.